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Peanut Innovation Lab RFA - Household impact evaluation of school meals in Ghana
April 4th, 2024

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut (Peanut Innovation Lab) has been awarded a five-year extension in which USAID requested that key outputs from the first five-year program be scaled for impact. Over the course of 2023, the initial phase projects were evaluated, the highest priority for scaling projects selected, and extension work plans co-created with the project's teams. During the co-creation process, new research areas were identified to be funded via a competitive process. The new research effort being solicited under this request will complement the extended school meal research project funded by the Peanut Innovation Lab and led by Dr. Mark Manary at Washington University in St. Louis. This Request for Pre-Proposals calls for innovative research pre-proposals to investigate the impacts on the households and family members of children receiving peanut-based school meals. Proposed impacts include: 1) household labor allocation, time use, and time poverty by gender/age and by season; 2) household food allocation, expenditures, dietary diversity, and food insecurity; 3) agriculture or other productivity, income and wealth measures; and 4) other household or individual-level welfare impacts.